Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm having my eyebrows waxed tomorrow, have any advice?

do need to numb them or anything? idk wat to do. i'm kinda scared because its my first time. wat is there to expect and how bad does it hurt the first time?I'm having my eyebrows waxed tomorrow, have any advice?
It doesn't hurt that bad, don't be scared. Its kind of scary just because you don't know what to expect; its kind of a shock, but its not painful. Don't make any plans for a few hours after you get it done though, they will be red! They will put a lotion on it afterwords and it will make it quit hurting, and if you can apply ice afterwards too. Its over really quickly, nothing to worry about!I'm having my eyebrows waxed tomorrow, have any advice?
I do mine every month I will tell you that it stings and you may yelp or jump a bit but they do put some lotion on after wards that takes the sting out!! It is better then standing in front of the mirror and plucking them with tweezers!!! LOL Anyways just relax and breath... I should follow that advice but I always tense up and jump but I have no pain tolerance at all!!! Have fun!!! :)
Hi BB. I do have some eyebrow advice although it is not about waxing. It is important to know that eyebrows when they have been repeatedly waxed and plucked do not always grow back. Hair on your head is more resilent to plucking but for some reason eyebrows are not. I am not saying that your eyebrows will not grow back after one wax job. But I like your question because it gives me the opportunity to let younger women know that the wierd, freaky, overplucked stuff you might do to your eyebrows at 16 you might just have to live with forever at 36 because eyebrows DON'T always GROW BACK. I now shave mine to tidy them up but I never pluck anymore.

It is good you are going to a professional to do it because hopefully they will give you a good look and not some freaky shape I have seen some women with. Good Luck
ooh. D:

I am getting mine done for the first time in a couple weeks or so, too, so I don't really have a pointers- sorry!

but good luck. and wish some to me, too!



Hi There, you do not need to numb your eyebrows. It is relatively pain free. You may find it uncomfortable when the wax is removed however this pain is only for a few seconds.

The only issue that you may have is your eyebrow area can become red for a few hours.

Good luck
Getting your eyebrows waxed is like ripping a band-aid off. Don't scrunch your eyebrows too much, or the wax may move the hair that wasn't meant to be waxed might be. If your skin's really sensitive, the hot wax may also burn it, so be sure to mention that. Don't be scared at all - and trust me, the results are sooo worth it.
Nooo lol it doesnt hurt at all it feels really good when they put the hot wax on and when they pull it it dont hurt at all. Just keep your eyes closed when you do and to be honest plucking hurts WAYY more than waxing. waxing to me is soothing :)
i got them shaved instead of waxed, so i don't know. i've heard that they don't hurt much, though.

good luck! you'll look fabulous after they're waxed!
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  • Women what do you think about men that get manicures and pedicures as well as having their eyebrows waxed?

    well i think that as women does all this to keep their body in good health n in good shape so does man.They should be encouraged to do so coz their nothng wrong in it.Infact woman like man who are in good shape n keep their body very clean n beautiful.Women what do you think about men that get manicures and pedicures as well as having their eyebrows waxed?
    I think it shows they care about their looks and is desirable!

    Not many women want to be stuck with the scruffy man who doesn't care, and the ';metrosexual'; look is very appealing as it connotates images of the young professional on the go who cares about their appearance and the influence this has on people! :DWomen what do you think about men that get manicures and pedicures as well as having their eyebrows waxed?
    Mani and pedi is ok as long as your not getting a polish as well (no, not even clear...just have them buff it to a shine). As for the eyebrows, as long as you aren't getting them arched, also ok. They shouldn't be thin, arched or feminine looking, but if say you have a uni and/ or very thick bushy, feel free to clean that up a little bit.
    No, i don't mind...i mean some guys do need their eyebrows waxed...but i think if i makes them look better and feel better...let them do it.
    Manicures and pedicures? It doesn't bother me, you should always keep your nails healthy. Waxing doesn't bother me either if it looks natural and you can't tell it's been done.
    Manicures-not okay, i just dont see a point for a man to get a manicure...pedicures-maybe, just because i know how good a foot massage feels, so i dont think a guy should be counted out of that...eyebrows-yeah if you have a uni-brow or something and need to get rid of it.
    let them do itt what the matter with that they want to keep their bod up just like women do that does not mean thy are gay or anything like that
    thats fine

    they care about how they look

    as long as its not too constant or obssessive
    It shows that he takes care of himself and i find it quite attractive when a man is not afraid of his sexuality and to show who he is
    Manicures and pedicures are cool. No one wants a man with nasty nails or feet... BUT!, as far as this waxing of the eye brows go.. A defintinate H**L to the NAW! Thats just too much for a guy. And if he does get it done then I would consider him a queer eye for the straight guy kinda guy. Not that I have anything against homo's, I just dont want to date one.
    its nice , i think more guys should do it
    I'm a guy and I get a pedicure every two weeks, WITH polish. And not some fake ';man'; color like blue or black, either (http://farm1.static.flickr.com/151/41103鈥?/a> I'm straight, but I have a feminine side.

    I occasionally get a manicure, but it's easier to take care of your fingernails, as opposed to toenails, yourself. Plus, getting a mani isn't as much fun since I can't get polish.

    I think eyebrow waxing is okay for some guys, but shaping your eyebrows is really overtly girly and should be avoided if you don't want to advertise to the world. On the other hand, some guys have nasty unibrow issues. This one friend of mine.. ish.. I just want to slap him. Or give him a weed wacker for Christmas. There's nothing girly about ';corrective waxing'; :)
    mani and pedi is ok, as long as you don't get them painted, eyebrow waxing is a little too girly though. I think as a guy you should mainly just pluck in between your eyes so you don't have a unibrow but getting them waxed is going a little far. Women can tell when a guy gets his brows waxed. Some girls probably won't mind, but personally, I think it is just a little too fake. That's just me though! :-)
    they should not do it bcos 1 it is done by men and it is against the will of GOD
    wow well manicures and pedicure are a bit too much but eyebrow waxing is ok if their 'brows are thick %26lt;3


    I normally get my eyebrows waxed in the same salon but tried somewhere new...?

    just for convenience really. But the girl really mucked up my eyebrows. I wasn't sure what shape I wanted when she asked me, as the place i normally go to just does it nicely without much input from me. Anyway, she waxed my eyebrows then plucked them for what felt like ages and now they are really thin, not a very nice shape, and one of them is really short.

    I have tried brushing my fringe over to hide the really worst one a bit, but does anyone know how i can make them look a bit better and also how long will they take to grow back?

    Thanks.I normally get my eyebrows waxed in the same salon but tried somewhere new...?
    Oh lordy! It's horrible when things like that happen! I thought I'd try waxing my eyebrows myself and it went horribly wrong..I took out a huge chunk from the middle of my eyebrow...lol! Anyway, you'll just have to wait for the poor things to grow back I'm afraid hun or you could try buying an eyebrow pencil. I've got naturally sparce eyebrows anyway and I use the bourjour pencil to thicken them up. Hope this helps!!!I normally get my eyebrows waxed in the same salon but tried somewhere new...?
    I would just buy an eyebrow pencil and lightly cover what hair you have got left! As long as you smudge the pencil line it wont be noticeable at all. As with length of time well it depends how quickly your hair growth is.

    just remember that other people don't really notice so when you get to the point where you cannot bear the sight of them anymore..... go and get them done where yo uusually go - and stick with them!!!
    probably about 2 weeks
    umm...i really dont know what to say but wen my eyebrows were all messed up i just used like eyeliner or lipliner to kinda fill them in
    oh dear. i had this too, about 2 months ago. best not to draw i always think there is too much margin for error. just wait for them to grow, bout 8 weeks
    Go to Sephora.com, then scroll to Anastaisia on the makeup brand bar. They have tons of stuff, just for eyebrows, lots of stuff that could help you out
    Draw them on! make sure you dont use a blue pen.

    Or have them lasered off and get tattoooed eyebrows!!
    they do take pretty long

    have you thought of using a lip liner pencil to fill them in a little?

    oh and yep im only a guy lol
    add some brow colour or mattetaupe eyeshadow to make them appear fuller. There is really nothing you can do until you justletthem grow back out... a good esthetician will ASK you firs thow you prefer them and hand you a mirror to let you see
    Dontworry ive been their too.

    should take about a week or two to grow back.

    in the meen time use an eyebrow pencil as these are great x
    For the moment fill them out with brow liner, you can buy at the drugstore for under $5.00. They should be alright in 3 to 6 weeks as the hair starts to grow back, as it varies from person to person.

    What's a good stay-put brow wax to keep your eyebrow hairs down? (NOT the wax that you use to remove hairs)?

    I use a brow wax to keep my eyebrow in place (if you need more info click link below)

    I've been using the wax that comes with my Wet n' Wild brow kit but i'm sadly running low!

    Is there any good 'stay put' brow wax that's cheap?

    I know

    Smashbox has one, has anyone tried it?

    http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jh鈥?/a>What's a good stay-put brow wax to keep your eyebrow hairs down? (NOT the wax that you use to remove hairs)?
    i use hairspray on a q tip and it works fine

    Does anybody know the best place to get my eyebrows waxed? .. a place around O.C?

    Well I'm in the midwest but any local hair salon should do waxing.

    What is some VERY good wax that I can get at the store for my eyebrows?

    Something that isn't to pricey, but works really well.

    Also, maybe where it has the paper and then you rip it off?

    ha ha... send links please!

    THANKS.What is some VERY good wax that I can get at the store for my eyebrows?
    GIGI honey wax

    go to Sally's beauty supply


    u can heat this up in the microwave

    and then u will need the strips and the wooden sticks which is all right there beside it at sally's

    it works great

    im in cosmetololgy school and i do mine and my friends at home with this all the timeWhat is some VERY good wax that I can get at the store for my eyebrows?
    There are better ways to shape your eyebrows.

    鈥?Plucking. Get a 10x mirror at the drug store, plus a very good (expensive) pair of tweezers, possibly from a store that sells professional beauty supplies. Sit or stand in a good light and pull each stray eyebrow hair out along the way it grows. Proceed gradually and check the results often, from the sides with a hand mirror as well as from the front.

    鈥?Electrolysis. This is a professional procedure where a very fine needle is inserted in the hair follicle beside the hair to be removed. A mild electric current destroys the hair root so it will not grow back. It's expensive, and somewhat uncomfortable. Most of the hairs will be gone permanently, but a second treatment may be needed for a few.

    The trouble with waxing your own eyebrows is that it's all too easy to make a mistake and pull out too much. Eyebrow hair does not always grow back evenly. We've all seen women who've plucked their eyebrows down to a thin line that looks terribly old-fashioned.
    I think you should have them proffesionaly done. Hair dressers use really good wax, and they are trained to get the right shape eyeborwers for your face, so there shouldn't be any boo boo's. It isn't that expensive either, I pay aboust $15 (Australian dollar) to get mine done and they last aboust a month. :]
    dont do your eyebrows at home!!! you will ruin them beyond repair!

    Getting my eyebrows waxed for the very first time...?

    does it hurt like a lot???

    because when i watch movies or stuff on t.v. it looks like people are in a lot of pain

    i'm refuse to chickening out, because i REALLY want to get them waxed, i'm 14 by the way, so i don't think i'm too young.

    i'm so scared they are going to look bad.

    does anyone have tips to stay calm when i'm about to get it done?Getting my eyebrows waxed for the very first time...?
    They'll look great. Before she pulls the wax strip, hold the skin taut with your hand and it won't hurt as much. But it happens so quickly, it's really not that painful. 2DGetting my eyebrows waxed for the very first time...?
    I think I was your age when I first got mine done. First of all, don't have too much taken off - let the person know that it's your first time having it done and ask them to explain the process to you. Maybe tell them that you want to just take a little off the brow and in-between. I would avoid having them wax the top of your brows - tweeze instead. You can always have them take-off more next time.

    Be sure to go to a salon that has an aesthetician (person that does facials) to do this - don't go to your local nail salon and have a random person wax your brows.

    It does hurt a bit, but it goes away fast. Everyone is different, but to me, it feels like pulling a band-aid off (when it's stuck on pretty good). If you're light skinned, you might be a little pink afterwards, but don't worry, that fades. After they wax they usually use tweezers to get any stray hairs missed.

    Good luck!
    Make sure you bring Baby Powder with you and cotton balls. I have really sensitive skin, and the first time I got my brows waxed my skin was irritated for hours. So I talked to my dermatologist and she said to have them put baby powder on your skin BEFORE they put the wax on. It doesn't effect the amount of hair taken off, but it makes it hurt a whole lot less. Another thing to do is take a cold damp cloth and apply it to your brows AFTER they have been waxed. This helps keep the swelling down if there is any. Also BEFORE think that it wont hurt. Because it really doesn't ad having the right mindset will help a lot. I was 12 when I first got my eyebrows waxed and have been doing it for years. Don't forget to breath.
    the more you do it, the less it hurts. i think plucking hurts more right after they've been waxed lol. just tell the lady who does it not to take too much off at first and if you want more taken off, then you can tell her, that way it won't look bad. umm and just breathe in and out and maybe have the lady talk to you. i'm sure she will understand if it's your first time. and ummm don't get a brazilian bikini if by the 10th time eyebrow waxing still hurts a lot for you lol
    Okay it hurts at first but its really not unbearable. Right after they pull the strip they usually will pat the area immediatly and that makes the slight sting go away. also, most places will rub aloe or baby oil on when they are done so it will heal.

    good luck, and make sure you tell them you want it to look ';natural'; sometimes if you dont, u wind up with too thin eyebrows. good luck!
    what are ya'll talking about?

    it doesn't hurt at all, it takes 2 seconds anyways. And you look great afterwards. Don't even worry about it :)

    In movies they scream because they are getting their private area waxed, or they're boys getting their brows, and as we know .. they are wussies!
    it doesnt hurts. Its just like a sting! it might make your eyes water a little but i promise it doesnt hurt. They wont look bad.. i get mine done at a nail place and the chinese ladies always know what the're doing. They never make them look bad.
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